fundability report

Can I get funded?

 Still wondering just what your chances are at getting funded? Well lets find out! Take the FREE fundability report questionnaire and get started today!


fundability reportBizGate Financial offers you the BluePrint Qualifer as your Fast Cash Solution with over 30 core funding programs you can choose from.

Lenders look for:

  • 6-12 months of continual business,
  • cash flow, collateral
  • credit from 580 – 680.

When actually applying for Fast Cash, there may be additional documentation necessary depending on what your Certified Financial Officer requires to bring you the best funding available.


Stop the Wondering

Complete  a free Fundability Report and find out how fast you can obtain financing! Just answer the following questions and we will get do the rest then contact you with the results.  No expectations, No pressure!  You always remain powerfully in control of your choices.  This is a mere snapshot to help you prepare for funding.  The BluePrint Qualifier is your formal access to funding sources that will take a formal application.   Your Certified Financial Officer will assist you in that process.  Approval time is 48-72 hours.

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