Funding with over 2100 different Lenders

Yes, traditional funding is available with an approved Business Paydex Score that can be built through the BiGate Credit and Funding Suite.  However, BizGate also offers unique products that are not available through conventional lenders but through institutions like smaller banks, factoring companies, merchant advance companies, and credit unions.

Whether your business is a manufacturing company looking to increase production with a fast loan or  a coffee shop looking for unsecured business financing to purchase new equipment; or even a retail store that needs business funding to add additional inventory   to stock shelves before the holidays, alternative business financing and unsecured business lending options are available for you!

With BizGate Financial, your Certified Financial Adviser will not only walk you through the easy application process, but will assist you in determining the best funding fit for your business needs.  You can access one or multiple funding programs as there are no restrictions, however, each program offers different terms, rates, and funding criteria.

Fast Money Now

Funding is available for businesses who need cash now.   If you need business loans or capital infusion the BluePrint Funding program may be your answer.  Complete the FREE fundability report to see where you stand.

Key Funding Programs

Over 30 funding programs

  • All Credit types fundable
  • Fast approval determination
  • Stop Gap funding
  • Long term funding

Funding Products

BizGate business services are just what you need,  to put your Business in lending credit compliance and show you how to establish credit identity and strong business credit ratings for unlimited business funding potential.

My Funding Strategy

Business strategy is simple.  Build a strong Business Credit identity with a solid business credit rating through the top three (3) reporting Business Credit agencies:  Dun and Bradstreet, Smart Experian Business, and Equifax Small Business.

How Can I obtain Funding Now?

Building Business Credit is essential and brings your Personal Liability risk close to a Zero.  However when you need Cash NOW it’s fully understood!  That’s why BizGate Financial offers the BluePrint Qualifier Funding option that moves your business towards solvency and available resources. You can access funds almost immediately even while you build business credit and establish credibility. When seeking a loan from a bank they ask you if you good personal Credit, any Collateral, and current Cash Flow.  These are known as the 3 ‘C’s and are standard in lending.

However, with BizGate Financial if you have even one of the 3’C’s, you can access funds quickly.    The BluePrint qualifier Funding allows you access to this funding platform quickly even before completing the 6 steps simple steps to build a strong business credit profile.  *NOTE, this type of funding is similar to what most have known as ‘traditional’ and not the Business EIN specific BizGate encourages you to build.

Know Your Business Fundability

Business Fundability is not found in the dictionary.  It’s a phrase we have coined to describe how a business will measure up in relation to the entire business lending and investing community. Fundability is not just about your business credit.  It includes several components that determine how your overall business is viewed by lenders, insurers, suppliers, buyers and much more.  You know your business is worth the risk, but is the risk worth it to a lender?   Of course it is if you package your business with these major components and meet lending compliant criteria.

  • Business Bank Accounts Solvency (deposits, expenses & cash flow)
  • Business Assets (equipment, Purchase orders, Accounts Receivables etc.)
  • Business Revenue (Do you have a positive or negative month end cash balance?)
  • The Owners and their personal credit history!

Building a Business Credit profile should reflect the health of your EIN not your SSN.  When building that platform, lenders still look at who founded it.  An owners personal profile may be indicative of their business performance.  That is why the BizGate business credit and funding program is essential.  Many owners have poor FICO profiles due to overextending themselves to start and support their Business. We understand, we’ve been there.  BizGate Financial is simplifying the complicated credit and compliance needs for your business.

What is the turn around time?

Once you have submitted the very simple application, you will be contacted by a Certified Financial Officer who will dive a little deeper into the details of your 3 ‘C’s.  Approval time takes anywhere from 5 to 10 business days or less!  However, once you are approved, the lender will transfer within 72 hours and you will be flush to go!

How much money can I obtain?

There are no restrictions on how much is available.  There is plenty of money waiting to be loaned to creditworthy business profiles.  Businesses can obtain anywhere from $10,000 to $20 million!  That’s right.  If you are an existing business of one year or more, have cash flow with a positive bank balance at the end of the month, and/or collateral from your business, you are a perfect candidate for quick cash through the Blueprint-Qualifier program.  Contact us today and lets get started!

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