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Structure a creditworthy business profile and obtain sustainable funding while protecting your credit score.  It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s been available to Corporations for Years. Isn’t it your turn?

1. Work with reporting vendors, creditors, and credit agencies
2. Develop a lending compliant E.I.N.
3. Build unlimited funding capacity
4. Access the business-members-only database of hundreds
of suppliers, creditors, lenders banks and credit unions
5. Grow sustainable capital with Wealth Building Strategies

Make your efforts count, set yourself up right the first time ~ BizGate Business Funding Programs.   BizGate Financial offers the solutions business owners need to build a creditworthy business profile and enjoy the financial benefits that High-level corporations experience. Your business should capture every opportunity with a Strong Business Profile.

This comprehensive business building software program cross checks your businesses against underwriting guidelines that thousands of lenders use to qualify for loans.  Your personal adviser and certified financial officer works with you individually to complete a compliance package that  highlights your company for approved funding.  Each business owner must follow the time-designated plan that shows you how your business can obtain a minimum of $50,000 in business credit and access to the largest database of available lenders anywhere to obtain the maximum amount for your business.   This personal-service business-building platform is available to you for 1 year.  However, if you have followed all steps as directed in the time frame required and for some reason you need more time, our personal advisers will continue another twelve months to ensure your efforts are successful.


BizGate business credit and funding programs have hundreds of vendors, suppliers, lenders, credit unions, and banks offering credit.   It’s important your credit profile exhibit a diversity of business credit i.e., vendor credit, revolving credit, business credit cards, and business loans and lines of credit.  It’s essential these creditors are reporting to the appropriate business credit agencies to grow business credit.


Establish a credit presence with the top 3 Business Credit agencies.  An existing business profile is available for anyone who chooses to review it.  Lenders check if you are ‘compliant’ with all 20 lending requirements and Buyers review to confirm financial capacity to perform. Our system will walk you through each step to build a strong credit profile for any and all funding opportunities.


It’s all about creditworthiness and meeting lending compliance of your business.  Higher credit and lending such as Universal/Fleet credit cards and unsecured lines of credit that protect your personal Credit Score are only available to Businesses that are structured correctly and build a creditworthy profile with a compliant E.I.N. That’s why you are here!

Establish Business Credit through our Secure Membership Portal

Access Higher Levels of Business Funding

A Guided Experience

Personal Adviser

Your Personal Adviser  ensures you’ll know the difference between personal and business credit worlds.  With our Business Credit easy step solution put in action, you will fully comprehend  how building a Credit Profile with your E.I.N. not your S.S.N. is not only easy, but essential to obtain approval for all your funding needs.

Financial Officer

There is a distinct difference between the personal and business credit worlds.  When you Business Credit Profile is ready for lending, not only does our program integrate your information for online finance applications but your Certified Financial Officer will guide you Step-by-Step through the lending process.  Your personal CFO is available to you for 5 years!

BG Business Consultant

BizGate Business Consultants have over 40 years of business experience walking in your shoes!   We are here to help you avoid pitfalls, set up necessary corporate structure according to the standards of good business, and coach you through unknown territories with ‘Cliff Note’ wisdom; be sure to connect with one.

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