The Problem

blueprint qualifier You need fast money for your business start up, expansion or growth!  Its simple, we get it. If you have one or more of the 3 C’s i.e., Cash, Credit, or Collateral you fit within the curve for fast funding.

The Solution

blueprint qualifierBizGate Financial offers you the BluePrint Qualifer as the Fast Cash Solution with over 30 core funding programs you can choose from.  Get started with a Fundability Report Now.

Access funds today!

In our direct lending program, you can access funds almost immediately even while you build your business credit for further funding sources. Most lenders want you to have good Credit, Collateral, and Cash flow (aka 3-C’s) . With BizGate Financial you can access funds if you have just one of the 3 Cs. That is right, just one.  Many times money is needed quickly as a business moves toward solvency and resources. Complete a Free-Fundability Report and access this funding platform quickly through the business and funding process. Even before completing our 6 steps simple steps.

1. Monthly Cash Flow

Cash Flow is one of the 3-C’s that is considered when applying for Fast Funds.  This is standard ‘stop-gap’ funding.  If you hold one or more of the 3-C’s and meet other specific requirements depending on the Funding Program you may be eligible for, then you can obtain Revenue lending or Business Loans in 7-10 business days.  The Direct Lending program is what you can use to obtain quick cash, while you build business Credit and remove personal liability.

2. Various forms of Collateral

Collateral can come in many forms such as real estate, equipment, inventory, and even 401k or IRA funds.  You may be surprised at the revenue opportunity collateral can bring you.  If you have one of the 3 C’s you may not need anything further to access the funds you are looking for!  If you are uncertain, contact us directly for a FREE consultation.

3. Personal Credit Score

Because so many business owners are risk-takers, often their personal Credit scores have suffered from their business investment due to the up and down economy.  The underwriting department can look at credit scores from 520-680 and still approve you for one or more funding programs.  However, personal FICO scores can carry you through to cash flow!



PRICED @ $497.00

√  Access 2100+ different lenders

√  Funding up to $300,000

√  Approvals 48-72 hours

√  Next Day funding available

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  • Business Paydex Score 80%
  • Compliant with 20 funding criteria 97%
  • Business Credit & Vendor Accounts 98%
  • Finance Success Rate 87%

Business Credit Building Results

Getting your business financed at all levels can be a challenge—especially for companies that may not have a solid credit profile.  That’s where we come in. Using only seven (7) essential tools you can build a strong credit profile and overcome the hurdles of funding.  Our business credit and funding system helps you walk through the process, getting on the over 2100 lenders radar and finance your business!

Village Toy Store

This is an actual scenario and can be your story too!  BizGate Funding Programs are available to you!

blueprint qualifier

BizGate Case Study

Village retail toy store was gearing up for the holidays.  With all the construction going on around the store customer sales had taken a dive. The third year of business was the time to really soar especially at Christmas, however due to the reduced sales the owner was struggling to keep up with supplier invoices and capped on vendor credit.  They were desperate for an answer.  The Revenue Lending  program and Inventory Financing together made the difference.  The ownerThe Village Schoolhouse in the downtown mall used their $250,000 cash injection for much needed Christmas inventory.  They were able to pay down vendor invoices and bring in all the Top Toys and Big Sellers for the season doubling their revenue and putting their business at the front of the line.

*For the protection and privacy of our clients, names and other identifying information has been changed.