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One of the greatest constraints a business can experience is a lack of cash-flow.  It takes money to make money.  When you build a Strong Business Credit Profile with access to diverse and expansive credit that will never be a problem for you.   At the end of the day, Business Credit benefits you with success, which is measured by it’s profitability. As an owner its essential to prepare ‘before’ you ever need it.

Why do some entrepreneurs and Business leaders succeed regardless of the type of Business they launch? Because they understand how to leverage unlimited funding by maximize Business Credit and using other peoples money (OPM).  They do this without entangling any personal credit.  The capacity your business can reach is greater than a sole-proprietor.   Imagine having no money of your own, but because you have established a lending compliant business credit profile, your company can leverage high level credit and expand into manufacturing, buy real estate, or launch a service that renders a net profit with multiple zeros ex: $10,000,000.00.  Established businesses like Walmart and even Professional Sports teams frequently use other people’s money (OPM) to do business and keep their cash liquid.

Equally, Start-ups consistently seek seed capital to fund their business plan, but even a Start-up can establish a Strong Creditworthy Business profile and access credit to start.   Established compliant Corporations do this every day, so why shouldn’t you?

Top 5 reasons to choose BizGate Financial Programs:

1. Having a Team on your side.

business credit benefitsBizGate has a team of successful business owners including certified Financial advisers available to provide you services that only Commercial corporations usually have access to.  Our proven solutions enable the structuring of your business credit to provide access to the dollars already being used by other flourishing businesses.  We know it is wise to align yourself with and look for counsel from others who know how to accomplish your goals. While these may sometimes be family, friends, or acquaintances, they should only be used if they already have proven success doing what it is you want to do! Fortunately, BizGate fills this common gap with the power of its experienced team.

2. Protect Personal Liability when doing Business.

business credit benefitsYes, you can really do this.  That’s the “Corporate Veil” that used to exist years ago before Lending institutions could obtain a double indemnity.  That means they require owners to ‘personally guarantee’ the line of credit or loan received for their Business.   Not any longer!  You can build your Corporate entity to be responsible for the Business funding it obtains. How?  By building a ‘credit worthy’ business profile in compliance with lending requirements.

3. FUNDING; Fast, Simple, and Affordable

business credit benefitsBesides setting your business up for long term success, BizGate Financial offers Funding that is fast, simple, and affordable that ranges from $50,000 to $250,000.   Businesses owners that are cash flowing, have collateral, or have good personal credit but need to access money to expand, launch a new line, or get over a hump can obtain what we call ‘Stop Gap Funding’. Here’s a snapshot of funding terms that business owners are looking for and may obtain:

  1. No personal Guarantee
  2. No application Fees
  3. Little to no collateral of personal assets
  4. No closing costs
  5. Low documentation
  6. Funding Approval decisions within 48-72 hours
4. A Compliant Business Credit profile = Unlimited Funding.
business credit benefitsSo rightfully you ask, “what compliance steps do I have to take?  I thought I had already established this when I set up my Federal Employment Identity Number (FEIN) and corporate bank accounts?”  NOPE.  This is where business owners have been deceived.  The myths behind real business finance have kept you from getting the maximum funding you need.   BizGate business credit and financial suite is prepared to uncover these myths to your advantage and walk you through the door of unlimited resources and profits!


5. Qualify for the Financial Portals that Big Business' use.

business credit benefitsOne of the main Business Credit benefits is that there really is no limit in the available funding for a Start-up, acquisition or existing business.  The truth is, most Fortune 500 companies never use their own money.  Why?  Because when you know how simple it is to build a compliant business credit profile and do so, Vendor credit, Revolving credit and lines of credit that are not open to general public now become available to you.   A strong corporate credit profile can implement the corporate veil of protection and protect personal liability; and you should.  The truth about doing business is to never use your own cash flow or net profits!  As a ‘credit worthy’ corporation, you can always access Other Peoples Money (OPM), so your business remains liquid!  The cost of doing business is really a tax benefit for those who know how to use it.