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He doesn't have Good Business Credit


Almost anybody can fill out a loan application, but most really don’t know what is vital to have in place before you fill it out!


BizGate helps you in the area where most funding efforts fail, which is structuring your business to have the documentation and registrations necessary to make lenders want to lend to you!  Even savvy business owners do not realize that they not-only need to, but in-fact can build good business credit, which is actually more important than personal credit.

Money is available ... if you are prepared.
Rest assured, money is available, but it is most easily available to those who are properly prepared. Most business owners and entrepreneurs do not realize that they not-only need to, but in-fact can build good business credit. This is actually more important than personal credit.   BizGate helps you structure your business credit so you can get the money you need, whenever you need it. We work with multiple lenders directing your every step!
You drive … we'll navigate.
Building Good Business Credit is not just a “To-Do” List.   We provide you with simple, user friendly, 7-Step Systematize Program which is the shortest pathway to funding needed. Capital and Cash-flow can provide growth, profit, and sustainability. Using a combination of a Confidential online portal, a ‘real’ Business Adviser, and a Certified Financial Officer, we’ll steer you around the detours that can happen when you fly solo.  The precision process will get you registered in the world of business credit and finance.

BizGate professionals did not come upon this by chance.  No, it was earned the “hard way” like many others who had little access to funding.  Now, we can help you avoid those problems.   The BizGate team of successful entrepreneurs and business owners makes us successful in helping build business credit and help business owners increase profitability, reduce liability, and sustain growth.  Our well-trained Professionals are at your disposal, allowing BizGate to be the premier service to help you build credit and grow wealth.

Experience = Power
While a cutting edge online portal system propels BizGate to front of the pack, our customer service team of Business Advisers and Certified Financial Officers empower you to control the development of your credit. Add to that our unprecedented numbers of real investors and lenders, and you quickly arrive at your credit and funding goals. The real proof is that business owners reach their goals, sustain growth with cashflow and reduced liability. Of course funding ultimately depends on your efforts to build and maintain business credit in a timely manner.