It’s always easier when someone introduces you to funding.

  • Credit worthy Business Profile
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Solve the Cash Flow Problem
  • Increase Profits & Sustainability


A Creditworthy business profile draws a clear distinction between Personal and Business liability, reducing personal exposure.  When a Business EIN becomes lending compliant the world of financing is unlimited.  The Veil of Protection is strong and keeps your personal assets safe.


Unlocking the funding you need is critical to your business profits and sustainability.  BizGate business credit and funding programs provide the Fast Track funding options that your business needs.

Business Credit and Funding Solutions where . . .

Credit and Risk are attached only to the EIN not your SSN.


While reducing Personal Liability,
Increasing Profits and build Sustainability. 

Business Credit & Funding

The Law of Traction

Properly structured business credit using the EIN, is what builds the National Profile your business needs to gain the attention of High Level lenders and approve your financial requests!  Apply the ‘7 Irresistible Funding Factors’ and have lenders come looking to fund you!

Alleviate financial concerns

  • Creditworthy business profiles reduces the ‘cost of doing business’
  • A strong Business Credit Profile yields the best funding terms
  • We provide the shortest “path” to build credit and access capital

End Cash Flow Problem

This is the result of building a strong Business Credit profile the right way!  Follow the 7 simple steps, guided by a Personal Business Adviser, and a Certified Financial Officer introducing you to over 2100 different lenders.   Go the distance and cross the finish line with all the funding you need!



The fastest and easiest way to obtain funding to
run your business!  A Personal Adviser guides you
through each step building a strong business credit
profile.  Your Certified Financial Officer will guide
you through application and funding.


Personal Liability is a buzz word for Owners.
Business Credit draws a clear distinction between
Personal and Business Finances and when set up
correctly your Business Credit removes personal liability!


The reason people turn to BizGate is because
we bring traction to the funding you need.  In a
culture where business is becoming more difficult to
navigate, BizGate helps you build a path that is
clear and measurable.


Start Up entrepreneurs can build Business Credit
and use the Credit for initial capital before looking
for an investor! Investors pull Credit profiles on every business opportunity! Don’t be caught without this essential piece! Present the opportunity with Creditworthiness.


The automated system keeps you on track with phone calls, emails and timely reminders.  Credit Monitoring is available to help you achieve built-in milestones to aide a timely completion.   Manage your efforts and credit reports when you interact with Credit Agencies.  You’re in control.



Protect personal Credit Scores by structuring
your business with a compliant EIN and a Strong
creditworthy profile. 
That’s why you are here!
This is the ideal way to build unlimited funding
capacity and reduce personal risk.


Entrepreneurs think ‘real’ business credit is a credit card with the business name on it.  But, your vendors may not report to credit agencies. It’s easy to bring the business up to speed.  Our automated system works with reporting vendors building a strong profile, removing liability and build layers of protection.


A Creditworthy profile saves you money on expenses like, Key Man Insurance, lower rates on Leases, credit cards and mortgage.  Just like an insurance premium is determined by your health, so is the Cost of doing business determined by the Creditworthiness in the Credit and Finance world.


BizGate Financial offers wealth building strategies to strategically safeguard your Assets:
~Eliminate debt without spending additional monies
~Recover 45-65% on targeted expenses
~Grow Tax Free available Cash & increase profits


I have been quite successful building business and making ‘REAL’ money.  I saw no need in a product that I thought I didn’t need, until BizGate reminded the personal liability I carry in my own business.  Removing personal liability from my very lucrative business has taken the stress out of my life!

R. Gibbs, CEO - CA

Founder, Manufacturing Foods Company

I needed money to open up another branch in a new City, but due to the expanse of my business I wasn’t able to obtain a loan.  My bank told me I was too extended.  BizGate brought me Fast Funding through the BluePrint Qualifer and I leveraged the $250,000 that I needed to expand.  Great Job Thank you!

W. Salters, Nevada

Owner, Auto Service and Repair

As a new start up company I needed capital.  So many investors turned me down because I was ‘pre-revenue,’ but BizGate Financial showed me how to create Financial Traction and I set out to build a Business profile establishing my business footprint.  Well it worked!  I built Business Credit and received $75,000 in funding to start!

B. Rozinski, Texas

Entrepreneur; Tech-Start Up

*For the privacy of these owners, the names have been changed and no business is noted.

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